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  • Northern Wish Said:
I am getting spam from zoomerang the online survey company- not from Jazz Fest.

how is this possible? I didn't ask for any email information, and when I tested the survey there was no step asking for such info.

  • edgar Said:
I have a feeling that my entry was likely unsuccessful. I was only asked demographic info...was that all there was to it? After 'submission' I was then directed to what looked to be the regular Sanctuary page. But the posts were dated and all the threads were started by jaydawg (and most of the replies were from jaydawg too). It was surreal.

The last step is a link that I put in there that takes you to the contest entry. Did you click past that? I may have fuÇked something up for redirecting people AFTER the survey. I intended for people to click on the "TAKE ME TO THE SURVEY" link.

BTW, thanks for filling out the survey. PLEASE share it. I need as many entries as possible. There should be no spam. I paid them money so that I could run the survey without any bullshit like that.
Charlie Kelly: "Spa? I feel like you're not finishing a word. Are you trying to say spaghetti?"

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